Lygon Street’s Melbourne Italian Festa 2022

Melbourne’s quintessential Italian street festival, once known as the Lygon Street Festa, will bring together the best of both worlds at this year’s Melbourne Italian Festa 2022, in Carlton. Organised by Melbourne Italian Festa Committee this event is dedicated to celebrating Italian culture, community, and its profound history.

We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than with family and friends at the Melbourne Italian Festa 2022. The old Lygon Street festival will be at its celebratory best, bringing past and present Italian traditions together so we can all absorb the richness of Italian culture in our sensational city.

Melbourne Italian Festa 2022
Sunday, 3rd April
10am to 9pm
Piazza Italia/Argyle Square
153-159 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053
*Lygon Street closed to traffic between Queensbury and Grattan Streets

Cafe All Day

Italians are the undisputed coffee connoisseurs in Australia and their industry and expertise have ingrained cafe culture in Melbourne. Our love affair with the dark nectar has become part of Melbourne’s DNA. So, why not espresso yourself? Remember, as Madonna said, Italians Do It Better!

The Food Marquee

As with any great festival, the presence of food is the hallmark of a people’s culture. Sample a range of authentic Italian festival cuisines, including freshly-made pizza or lasagne inspired by Mumma’s homeland recipe. The culinary genius that lives on Lygon Street will be out in full force, don’t let your taste buds down.

And we all know every good meal needs a great dessert to finish. You will be spoilt for choice as the Italians have created some of the most iconic flavour combinations that are true classics, such as tiramisu, cassata, and cannoli.

And if you’re “putting on the spritz” the Melbourne Italian Festa will flow with the nectar of the gods, from an Aperitivo to a cocktail, a low-key craft beer, or a wine list as long as the street itself, there’s a groove to suit your mood.

The General Marquee

The Melbourne Italian Festa will be abuzz with cultural activities, craft markets, souvenirs, and exhibitions allowing you to immerse yourself in the “Little Italy’s” fabric of multicultural Melbourne.

Conditions permitting (Melbourne weather gods, we’re looking at you) there will be plenty of live musical performances and when the sun goes down the music turns up with a host of dynamic DJs to keep the festival atmosphere pumping.

Getting Around On The Day

Throughout the Melbourne Italian Festa, Lygon Street will be closed to motor traffic between Queensbury Street and Grattan Street.

Italians played an enormous part in bringing bicycles to Australia, so be like Nino Borsari and cycle to the Festa. Or, the Number One tram from the CBD will drop you close to the action.

There will be plenty of open areas for you to lay a rug and enjoy a picnic-like atmosphere. Argyle Square has water fountains for you to stay well hydrated. Also, kindly dispose of all waste thoughtfully. KEEP OUR CITY GREEN & CLEAN

Melbourne Italian Festa is a FREE EVENT
Sunday 3rd April, from 10am to 9pm

Italians are famous for their celebrations. Come and enjoy the rich tapestry of Italian culture with spectacular food, dessert, drink, and entertainment. It’s time for a La Dolce Vita!

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