Cinema Nova, Lygon Street’s Own Classic

The glorious Lygon Street movie house, Cinema Nova, flickered into existence in 1992, a revolutionary year for film with the release of Reservoir Dogs, The Crying Game, Basic Instinct, and Unforgiven, just to name a few.

The landmark Australian twin-cinema was the collaboration of two iconic Melbourne theatres: South Yarra’s Longford and the Valhalla, originally based in Richmond, then Westgarth. Since then they have expanded to 16 screens, becoming one of the most popular independent film houses in the southern hemisphere. Now a Lygon Street institution, Cinema Nova plays a crucial part in Carlton’s arts and entertainment scene.

Cinema Nova is dedicated to screening quality, independent, art-house cinema from Australia and the world. Curated content from all the best international film festivals makes its way to Lygon Street for our viewing pleasure. Their inclusive programming ensures that everyone is represented… so many of us look to the big screen to see our own stories… so expect representation during the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, the Transitions Film Festival and Monster Fest.

Themed Events

Not content to simply screen great content, Cinema Nova has curated several cinematically themed events held at the Lygon Street cinema.

  • CineTrivia – No history, sport, or science trivia; this is pure film-buff stuff. And the mobile bar keeps the fun facts flowing
  • Double Features – Retro heaven for those hard-core cinephiles who want to make a whole night of it
  • Cinema Fiasco – For the so-bad-it’s-good movie lovers, ironic watchers we see you
  • Nova Film Club – Fancy an advanced screening followed by in-depth deconstruction? Novaphiles get to feast on a film deep-dive

Their program has adapted to include international stage productions recorded specifically for the screen. Enjoy the spectacular artistry of New York’s Met Opera or London’s National Gallery while travel restrictions are in place. 

Cinema Nova can even be hired to host your own intimate movie meet-up, children’s birthday parties, or private screenings of your own material.

Cinema Nova Bar & Kitchen

Balancing modern and cosy, the Cinema Nova Bar & Kitchen caters to a variety of cinematic situations such as Film Festival openings, Meet the Filmmaker events, and charity functions.

Tasty morsels of flavour-filled food satisfy sophisticated palates, tempted by a little more than the traditional popcorn and choc top combination. The wine list boasts the finest selection of wines anywhere in Australian cinema with hand-picked selections of sparkling, white, red, and locally brewed beers.

Licensed from noon daily, Happy Hour specials run Monday to Thursday between 4-6pm. You can even enjoy your drink inside the cinema.

Cinema Nova Bar & Kitchen is the perfect place for movie post mortems, delighting in the anticipation of the screening to come or date night.

Cinema Nova is not only the Lygon Street hang for cinephiles and cultural vultures, it’s the perfect place to experience the world and all its wonders without applying for a permit!