Italian Desserts Make Lygon Sweet

Italians have created some of the most iconic dessert flavour combinations throughout the world. It’s no wonder we have come to know them as classics, and the preferred sweet treat of choice when our taste buds are craving a little decadent indulgence.

Lygon Street is the mecca of some of the most delicious cake shops and dessert bars Melbourne has to offer, so whatever you are in the mood for, there is something to tempt everyone’s taste buds. Stopping is the problem!

Classic Italian Desserts

Several classic Italian desserts come to mind when you think of Lygon Street.

The coffee-soaked sponge of tiramisu with layers of mascarpone cheese, cream, and cocoa might be the most iconic, but it’s hard to resist the tube-shaped shells of crunchy pastry casing lashings of flavoured cream that make cannoli impossible to resist.

There’s the festive burst of cassata with colourful candied fruit, a triple ice-cream combination over a base of sponge cake then topped with a crunch of nuts, or the simple elegance of panna cotta custard cream garnished with fresh fruit.

It wouldn’t be Lygon Street without the rainbow of gelato to entice you (even on cold days!) and sometimes you just want the simple crunch of the twice-baked Italian almond biscuit, that makes biscotti a peerless accompaniment for your coffee.

Lygon Sweet Favourites

Brunetti began as an authentic Italian Pasticceria in 1985. With over 35 years in pastry and over 35 pastries, cakes, desserts, and gelato to choose from, you simply can’t go past this Lygon Street dessert titan. It is truly a Melbourne multicultural experience.

Filou’s Artisan Patisserie
Filous Patisserie on Lygon Street is famous, locally and internationally, for a place to enjoy some of the most authentically produced Italian pastry. Known for their fresh baked breads, pastries, pies and quiches, you’ll want to eat in and then also take away.

Having tapped into a modern dessert craze, Lukumades specialise in a contemporary take on traditional donuts. Their toppings are the “icing on the cake” and you can select your donuts with crushed Oreo sprinkles, a drizzling or salted caramel sauce or a smothering of Nutella. Come back! We haven’t finished. 😋

Koko Black
Not simply limited to eating chocolate, Koko Black gives you a multi-sensory chocolate experience, “where eating chocolate is only one chapter of the story.” Drinking the melting, creaming sweet bean is the Koko Chocolate Lounge dream. Yes, there is a chocolate lounge… need we say more?

Sugardough Panificio Patisserie
This Lygon Street bakery offers a different type of loaf every day of the week and all the cakes are made daily. The flavour combinations found at Sugardough are delightfully unique and therefore offer a delicious point of difference from the classics. Try their rosewater and pistachio biscotti or the gluten-free almond and orange boccocini or the traditional Italian donuts with homemade raspberry plum jam are next level.

For all those times you deserve a little dessert or that sweet tooth starts to twitch, let Lygon Street cake shops and bakeries scratch that itch. And if you think we lost our minds and forgot ice cream, wash your mouth out, because Lygon Street Screams Gelato.