Best Restaurants on Lygon Street

Are you in the mood for homemade pasta just like Nonna used to make? Desperate to indulge in authentic Egyptian flavours? Fancy some pizza, family-style, maybe a penchant for plant-based pub grub, or is that sweet tooth salivating for some of the most delectable desserts this side of the Trevi Fountain? Vittoria!

The best restaurants on Lygon street offer us a smorgasbord of mouthwatering dishes to suit every appetite. So, whether you’re peckish or famished, you’ve come to the right place.

Lygon Street Restaurants, Carlton

Little Italy is the strip of Lygon Street, running between Queensberry and Elgin Streets, Carlton. Peppered with traditional Italian restaurants, aromatic cafes, and exquisite pasticceria, you’ll eat with your eyes before your mouth even gets a say.

This legendary watering hole is still home to lively debates from politicians, unionists, and students alike. Theory, prophecy, and hyperbole are still heard over a selection of craft beers or a feed from Sonny’s succulent fried chicken. And if you just want to breathe in the hustle and bustle of life, the Earl Street beer garden is the perfect pub grub patch.
  • Delicious Pub Grub

  • Political Haunt

  • Live Music

At YingThai2, they offer only the freshest ingredients from the best local farmers’ markets to give you a quality dining experience. The emphasis is on delicious Thai inspired food, with a range of dishes including plenty of seafood, extensive salads, soups, and rice dishes.
  • Several Vegan Options

  • Freshest Local Ingredients

  • Cheap & Cheerful

Mr. Yoshimura, founder of Hakata Gensuke is famous for his commitment to making ramen the best it can be. He won the title of Ultimate Ramen Champion two years running! Hakata Gensuke was awarded the Best Bang for Bucks Restaurant by Time Out Melbourne.
  • Quick & Delicious

  • Authentic Japanese Ramen

  • Welcoming Staff

From the exotic spices to the screams of delight from the diners inside – Ziyka is full of life! This authentic Pakistani cuisine with a twist, offers mouth-watering shrimp tikka masala, chicken korma, a selection of handi, kebabs, manicotti, cheese, and pasta dishes. The menu is all made fresh daily by our dedicated in-house chefs.
  • Authentic Pakistani Cuisine

  • Specialty Lamb Dishes

  • Attentive Service

Cairo Nights Restaurant & Bar creates a marvellous atmosphere from their warm welcome to their opulent dining experience and fresh ingredients that contribute to the sensational flavours. For mouth-watering Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine with a twist, bask in the majesty of Cairo Nights.
  • Melbourne’s only 5-Star Egyptian Chef

  • Hearty Meals

  • Welcoming Atmosphere

Lagoon Dining’s menu leans heavily on Chinese culinary traditions and is served alongside several tasty beverages. If you’re looking for a serve of fun, good food and great friends, this East meets West twist is the biz!
  • East meets West twist

  • Extensive Drinks Menu

  • Little Bit Strange. Big on flavour.

Famous for the spaghettini with bug, crab, and chilli, Agostino is the restaurant nestled under the juggernaut that is the King & Godfree empire. If you’re missing Nonna’s homemade cooking, this is the place for you. Don’t miss the state-of-the-art temperature-controlled wine cellar, bar, and sound system.
  • Nonna’s Homeland Flavours

  • State-Of-The-Art Wine Cellar

  • Classic Italian Hospitality

Tiamo is one of the best Italian restaurants on Lygon Street, and it’s easy to see why. Their minestrone, lasagne, risotto, and spaghetti bolognese are unmatched, not to mention their classic desserts. The Piedmontese Dessert is a must-have during a Melbourne winter.
  • Iconic Restaurant

  • 40+ Years In Business

  • Gluten-Free, Vegetarian & Vegan

Time Out Melbourne described Milk the Cow as, “A licenced fromagerie. It’s the adult equivalent of a ‘fireworks, puppy dogs and candy!’ store and it really exists.” Race you! Transcending the humble cheese platter, this deli offers 150+ cheese varieties coupled with the perfect vino. If the main bar downstairs is vibing, there’s al fresco action for the overflow, and upstairs seats 40 people. Graze all day!
  • Licenced Fromagerie

  • Wine & Cheese Ripened to Perfection

  • 3 Dining Experiences

“An authentic Italian experience, without having to buy a plane ticket.”

The D.O.C. Group is dotted all over Melbourne and has evolved with this magnificent city. Once a pizzeria, the move to Carlton in the mid-nineties saw the opening of their iconic espresso bar which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Romagnola-Style Piadina

  • Handmade Pasta of the Day

  • Italian Style Short Caffe

Heartattack and Vine have taken Italian Cicchetti (bite-sized morsels of food served on wooden boards) and modelled it after Venetian bars that beat the sun up and close long after sunset. Enjoy a menu of simple breakfasts, generous lunches, and divine evenings of drinking and snacking. Take a boardwalk.
  • Venetian Style Day to Night Bar

  • Cicchetti

  • Whimsical Old-world Charm

Catering to every demographic, Jimmy Watson’s offers several social experiences: the intimacy of a restaurant and wine bar; the relaxed vibe of the courtyard; the intimate Euro-curio adornment of Wolf’s Lair or the leafy oasis of the Treetops, known as Carlton’s Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Spectacular service and spoilt for choice.
  • Lygon Street Institution

  • European Cafe-Style Wine Bar

  • Oasis Rooftop Bar

Your favourite pub grub just got a lot more exciting. This vegetarian establishment is committed to those who opt for healthier, more ethical options. The Green Man’s Arms Black Bean Cheeseburger is a tasty alternative to the typical burger. The dish is made from a juicy black bean and shiitake mushroom base, hearty and comforting, served with crispy potatoes and homemade tomato sauce — every bite tastes like freedom.
  • Plant-based Pub Grub

  • Ethically-Sourced Ingredients

  • Hearty Comfort Food

Lygon Street Restaurants, Brunswick

A bohemian vibe attracts adventurous people to the Lygon Street, Brunswick East sprawl. Artists, musicians, and designers live there and work in the area’s many shops, studios and cafes. The best restaurants in Brunswick East of more international cuisines.

At Etta, you’ll find simple, generous, familiar flavours that are filling and nutritious. Choose from favourites such as blistered farm peppers, roast peanut and kampot; crispy rice salad, red curry pork sausage, and mussels, or charred heirloom squash, spinach tofu, and fried basil. Etta has a dining room and courtyard, which are ideal when you want to settle in and enjoy a meal with friends and family. Plus, there’s a bar in the front that’s perfect for a quick drop-in.
  • Filling and Nutritious

  • Convenient Front Bar

  • Dining Room and Courtyard

“Making pizza is a sport, an art form, and a science. It’s physical, it’s a process and it’s alchemy.” Johnny Di Francesco

At the age of 12, Johnny Di Francesco got his first job making pizza – so he could afford a pair of Nikes. Over the next seven years, Johnny refined his pizza-making skills and developed a passion for authentic Italian food. He eventually bought those Nikes too!
  • Iconic Pizza

  • Summer Alfresco Dining

  • Aperitivo Vibes

Enjoy authentically Lebanese cuisine from our Teta (Grandma) Mona’s kitchen in a relaxing, cosy dining room. Laidback, friendly, and fun; we’ll be happy to share our family recipes with you! With a Mediterranean courtyard out the back, and flavourful northern mountain food made by hand using wholesome ingredients, this is authentic Lebanese food at its finest. Our menu includes dishes such as Tomato & Olive Tapenade, Vegetable confit, Sabayon Salmon with Lemon & Yoghurt Sauce, and much more.
  • Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

  • Laidback, Friendly Vibe

  • Mediterranean Courtyard

Bar Idda has been serving authentic and delicious Sicilian-inspired cuisine in the heart of Lygon Street, Brunswick East since 2013. Enjoy a traditional brunch, bite into the perfect bite of pan-seared fettuccine alla puttanesca, or tuck into freshly-made cappuccino gelato for dessert—all served up with the warmth and charm your Sicilian heart desires.
  • Celebration of Sicilian Cuisine

  • Focus on Seasonal Produce

  • Picnic Packs Available

Born in Melbourne, Bluebonnet Barbecue was created by Chris Terlikar as a way to show the world what real Texas-style Barbecue is like. Bluebonnet is the passion project of chef Chris Terlikar, who spent years working in the US with renowned pitmasters. Bluebonnet Barbecue entertains guests by serving up delectable bites including brisket, pulled pork, burnt ends, and more.
  • Authentic Texas-Style Barbecue

  • Passionate Pitmaster

  • Table Share-Platters

Kumo Izakaya & Sake Bar is Melbourne’s foremost location for Japanese sake, food, and culture. Izakaya offers a variety of Japanese foods that allows you to pick and choose what you want to eat. Try an extensive variety of exquisite dishes in a single sitting from many different cuisines and regions in Japan.
  • Taste Several Small Dishes

  • Merge of Japanese Culture & Food

  • Homely Vibe

Corner of Flavours restaurant is a bright, fun place with classic Greek food. Their menu is filled with fresh, tasty favourites such as Greek salad, lamb, and calamari. The atmosphere at Corner of Flavours is relaxed and inviting—perfect for an evening with family and friends. Stop by for lunch or dinner today!
  • Mouthwatering Souvlaki

  • Generous Serves

  • Charcoal Spit

Eleven Tigers is the best choice for authentic Asian food. They offer a wide selection of Thai and new-style Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner. Choose from the classic flavours of Thailand and Malaysia, as well as a little India. Fresh ingredients, substantial servings, and spiciness tailored to your personal taste. Expect high-quality flavours delicately prepared in a traditional style.
  • Modernised Classic Thai

  • Welcoming Staff

  • Dietary Requirements Accommodated

Bon Appetit!