Lygon Street International Cuisines

Lygon Street Carlton is undoubtedly Melbourne’s lightning rod for the best Italian food, drink and dessert, however, Italian cuisine is not the only food Lygon Street does well. The strong migrant work ethic that was established by the Italians on Lygon Street, can also be witnessed from other European and Asian immigrants to the area.

Mediterranean and Asian Food on Lygon Street

The Italians clearly set the bar high for spectacular dining, however, there are equally delicious international cuisines found along the popular cultural strip to entice all palates including Greek restaurants, spicy Indian options, authentic Japanese and fresh Thai flavours.

Be tempted by these international cuisines on Lygon Street.

Lambs on Lygon Street

An absolute Lygon Street institution, Lambs has been serving Greek food to late-night party revellers, shift-workers and night owls for decades. Known for their round-the-clock service, their souvlaki hits the spot like no other.

Corner of Flavours

Bask in the ambience of Greek Isles holiday heaven with the spectacular delicacies prepared at this popular spot. The staff are friendly, the value is great and the food is unforgettable.

Ziyka Restaurant

From Pakistani, Indian or Bangali, Ziyka serves up the best desi cuisine to the Lygon Street locals. After years of dedication perfecting these dishes, you’ll struggle to discover a more authentic taste.

Kumo Izakaya

A place where Japanese cuisine and Jazz fuse. Izakayas are known for their welcoming, homestyle vibe where you don’t have to choose a single dish but can share in a bit of everything. They often hold Sake education tastings or “Dinner with the Brewer” evenings.

Shinbashi Yakiniku

Fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine on Lygon Street, specialising in the art of Japanese barbeque or yakiniku. Grilled to perfection at your table, you witness just how fresh and fantastic the food is. Perfect place to relax in traditional Japanese culture.


Sourcing only the freshest ingredients from local farmers’ markets, the chef at YingThai2 on Lygon St, works diligently to delight all patrons, with the moo ping and crab salads favourites with the locals.

Thai City

Authentic Thai dishes are the bedrock of this restaurant with classics such as Tom Yum Soup and the freshest Spring Rolls to hit your palate. And the flavour doesn’t stop there with an extensive selection of delicious stir-fries and noodle dishes.

Mai Thai Restaurant

Mai Thai is one of the finest Thai restaurants on Lygon Street with 35 years in the industry. Its humble surroundings are indicative of the elegance and ease with which they serve classic Thai curries, stir-fries, and soups. Visiting Thai dignitaries have been known to frequent Mai Thai when in Melbourne.

Eleven Tigers

The classic flavours of Thailand have been given a modern twist at Eleven Tigers. The Pad Thai and Duck Curry are popular favourites with the locals because of the fresh ingredients, substantial servings and great value. The spiciness is also tailored to your personal taste.

Sea Salt

Lygon Street Fish and Chips knock it out of the park with some of the tastiest, quality seafood in Carlton. With quintessential options such as succulent king prawns, tender calamari, fluffy crunchy chips, burgers and fresh salad, your taste buds will thank you. They even have their own Sushi Chef for moreish morsels of sushi sumptuousness. That’s some deep dive fish and chips!

So if you are hungry for some of the best international cuisine Melbourne has to offer (that isn’t Italian!) Lygon Street is still on the menu for souvlaki, sushi or spicy food. Tuck in!