Lygon Street Window Shopping

While we are all keen to return to leisurely strolls past the brick-and-mortar shops of Lygon Street with a local coffee  in hand or even gelato , we are so very lucky to have access to online shopping so that retail therapy is still part of the human existence. Window shopping has become Windows shopping.

Several Lygon Street shops are open for online shopping, factoring COVID-19 restrictions. Check individual sites for their specifications and discover if there are any discounts for first-time purchases and if they have free/discount shipping within Australia.

Lygon Street Fashion Scene

Venom Emilio
This Brunswick East boutique is focused on female empowerment through fashion. Whether casual or formal you will feel fabulous wearing their fashion. Venom Emilio dresses you from relaxed to sleek, ensuring all design needs are addressed.

This Melbourne-owned and operated fashion boutique is all about bright casuals, separates, and breathable fabrics. They post a style-by-style lookbook so you can see exactly what combinations work well with each other. Get some style inspiration with Idyl’s editorials.

Ashk offers “fashion for women who want something a little different but totally affordable.” Their social media is full of edgy, affordable options that speak to the unique and chic woman.

This independent label exists to make you look good and feel great in their joyful colours and prints. Elegant and ageless, these garments are practical for every kind of woman; whether working-from-home, busy mum, or classic daywear. Choose from a selection of high-quality fabrics including cotton, linen, and denim.

Local Gifts For All Tastes


Truly unique handmade crafts that defy mass production and revel in artisans using scrap metal, resin, clay, and sand. These two uni students bring handmade happiness from Saigon with love, celebrating cultural and aesthetic diversity.


Requiring no introduction, Readings Carlton is a Melbourne icon for over 50 years and has long been a lightning rod for the local literary scene. Offering an eclectic collection of books, Readings has been awarded Independent Bookseller of the Year on multiple occasions.

Melbourne Watch Company
There is something timeless about a classically designed timepiece, and the Melbourne Watch Company got behind that movement in 2013. Inspired by the charm of Melbourne itself, their passion is designing superior watches that remain accessible to collectors, enthusiasts, and the pathologically punctual! Excellence waits for no one.

Giant Lygon Street
Exercise is not only vital to our physical, mental, and emotional health but it currently offers us a unique freedom, so there’s never been a better time to buy a bike. Giant Lygon St has kept Brunswick East cycling since 1991 with its extensive range of commuter, kids, race, and mountain bikes, along with all the necessary accessories. The team at Giant Lygon St is far more than your local cycling store, they are athletes and genuine advocates of holistic training and education. They begin with the mindset even before they pedal the metal.

Shop Lygon Street Culture Online

Bridget McDonnell Gallery
It is a most fortuitous time to view art online and the staff at Bridget McDonnell Gallery agree. There are several categories and exhibitions for you to view from early Australian works to contemporary pieces. We’re particularly fond of Barry Pieper’s Milk Bar series.

The BMG is such an inspiration, why not take the time to enjoy other art and museum exhibitions at home.

Lygon St shops tick all the boxes from fashion to gifts, arts to activities. And whether we are traditional window shopping or digital window shopping, supporting local merchants is the perfect gift with purchase.