Get to Know Cinema Nova: a Spotlight on Lygon Street’s Cinema

Cinema Nova

“Cinema Nova is the only place I know where you can see a film about a transgendered serial killer and order an organic chai latte. It’s a place where outsiders are scene.”

This year Cinema Nova will celebrate 30 years of screened chaos. It was August 1992, when the Lygon Street cinema first flickered into existence (a phenomenal year for film with the release of Reservoir Dogs, Unforgiven, The Crying Game, and Basic Instinct) and Melbourne has been drawn to its cultural beacon ever since.

As one of Australia’s most popular independent cinemas, Cinema Nova has provided a safe space for the Melbourne film-going public to see challenging, controversial, diverse, and thought-provoking films for over three decades.

It is an important part of the social fabric, providing a platform for independent ideas, fostering local talent, supporting live filmmaking events, and contributing to community engagement.

Arthouse, Avant-Garde, and Alternative Stories

So often we hear about “starting the conversation” or “framing the narrative” of a subject society is struggling to comprehend. Arthouse cinema is where we come to witness the outsider’s perspective and get an insight into things unknown or unfamiliar.

If you’re looking for an alternative cinema experience, Cinema Nova is committed to bringing its audiences a diverse range of films that entertain, challenge, and inspire. Their inclusive programming celebrates experimental, underground, and niche communities. There’s no better conversation starter than waking up from the collective dream… as the lights come on at the end of the movie.

See what’s Now Showing at Cinema Nova.

Themed Screenings

Cinema Nova has a long tradition of supporting local films and filmmakers, by providing opportunities for them to engage with their audience. Meet the Filmmaker events provide an opportunity for the audience to meet and chat with acclaimed filmmakers, as well as see their films in a cinema setting. This allows audience members to experience the film from both sides of the camera.

The Anniversary Party provides diehard cinephiles the opportunity to relive some of the most iconic moments in movie history, on the big screen again. The lounge room just doesn’t do them justice.

Immerse yourself in the Double Bill experience with coupled cult classics that turn a simple night at the movies into a cinematic extravaganza. You can’t beat the big screen for a totally immersive experience.

The Social Scene

Cinema Nova is the indie, arthouse hub of Carlton, featuring 16 screens, a bar, cafe, and outdoor courtyard, reminding us that cinemas were originally places of community engagement where we could share our love of film, art, music, and people.

Offering a cosy, modern environment, the Cinema Nova Bar & Kitchen caters to a variety of situations, such as Film Festival openings, Meet the Filmmaker events, and charity functions. Nova is the perfect place for a movie post-mortem, or a date night dalliance.

Cinema Nova is a Melbourne icon. Get amongst this 30-year institution with their provocative content from around the world? Here’s looking at you, Nova.

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